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One of my favorite places to shop - I go at least once a week if I can for a steak (which y'all cut fresh for me if I want a real big one). My new favorite thing there is those bacon-wrapped scallops, but everything is great.  -Adam Smith

As a caterer and regular customer, B&E Meats in Des Moines and in Burien offers the finest quality meat and seafood for all of my business and personal cooking needs. 50 years of success is due to the product quality and also to the impeccable service by everyone that works there. It is always service with a smile at B&E Meats. -Roberta Martin, Pearadise Catering

Mouthwatering. That is the word I would use to describe the food at B & E Meats! A huge array of freshly butchered meats, both plain and prepared for cooking. The smoked salmon is to die for--I get it not only for my self, but have it vacuum packed for gifts when I travel. Fast, friendly service. -Barbra H.

I use to shop in the Burien store when I lived there. Then I moved out in the sticks and when I get back this way or am hungry for the wonderful tri-tip I always think of B&E because no one has that good of meat anywhere I have gone. This weekend I am coming in to pick up two tri-tips to cook for my family. Love all the meat and the people that serve you. -Smokey Lynn

B & E absolutely rocks with their kalbi ribs and tri tip marinated steak, just to name two of my all time favorites!  All the butchers are awesome and smiles are everywhere.They desperately really need to have a web site for online ordering and a B & E cookbook would be an awesome gift for the holidays!Put me down for 20 cookbooks and 20 lbs of kabli for this years Christmas! I am not kidding :) -M N.

This place has the freshest fish in Seattle. Forget Pike Market, the prices are great
and the selection hugh. B&E has the best quality meats and seafood and its worth the trip to Des Moines to get good items. The people were friendly after and the service excellent. Hollis B.

B&E Meats has two locations - Des Moines and Burien. While I've only shopped at the Des Moines location, I hear the Burien location is equally as good. The service is excellent. Even when busy, they have enough workers that you rarely have to wait but a few minutes to be served. Their meat selection is excellent. They offer all the prime cuts of beef, fish, poultry. They also carry a large selection meats prepared with their own award winning recipes, such as kalbi beef, teriyaki tri-tip roast, garlic chicken, North Dakota summer sausage, jerky, just to name a few. -Mellisa S.

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