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Best Corned Beef This Side of Ireland


          Saturday March 17th, is St.Patrick’s Day and B & E Meats has made lots of our famous Corned Beef and Corned Pork.  You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this wonderful baked or boiled dinner – a meal that has brought friends and family together for generations.



    Our tender and delicious corned beef cooks up well with cabbage, onions, carrots, and red potatoes.  Purchase about one pound corned beef per person as it does have some shrinkage.  And don’t forget a little extra for some great sandwiches in the days to follow!


          We recommend cooking our corned beef or corned pork in either apple cider, water and cider, or just water, depending on your tastes.  The apple cider takes away any saltiness from the corned meat and gives a wonderful sweetness to the potatoes, carrots, and especially the cabbage and onions.


          The corned beef or pork should be nearly covered in liquid (approximately 2 inches).  Cook covered in the oven at 325 degrees or simmer on top of the stove.  Cook meat for about 3 hours.  Add potatoes, carrots, and onions for the last hour.  Add cabbage for the last 15-20 minutes.  With this method, everything will turn out perfect!


          You should also know that we carry corned beef year around for a great family meal anytime.  Come and get some today!

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