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Basic Directions for Cooking Lobster Tails


If possible, thaw lobster tails before cooking - they will be more tender than those cooked frozen.    Place the shears between the meat and the shell on the back of the tail.  Cut the shell down the center.  DO NOT cut fan tail, leave it intact.  Gently lift the raw tail meat out through the split shell, leaving it attached at the tail.  Place lobster tails in pan with a little water to prevent drying.

Boiling Lobster Tails

Thaw lobster tail, place into large pot of boiling water. When water comes back to a boil, lower heat and begin timing.

Broiling & Boiling THAWED Lobster Tails

            Weight               4 - 6 oz         10 -12 oz.       14 -16 oz.       16 -18 oz.     

           Bake                   8-10 min.      10-15min.      15-20min.     15-20min.
           Boil                     8-10 min.      10-15min.      15-20min.     15-20min.

Boiling Whole Lobster / Live or thawed

Fill a pot with water bring it to a boil and place whole lobster head first into the pot.  Once the lobster is in the pot a whole 20 oz - 24 oz lobster should take 8-10 minutes to cook or until bright red. 

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