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Painted Hills Natural Black Angus Beef Sale

    Here at B & E Meats, we are presently featuring beautifully marbled “choice” grade natural fed Angus beef!  With our natural dry aging process, this will be the finest beef you can buy anywhere.  These beef are selling quickly, so get your order in as soon as possible!


Each side weighs between 350 – 400 pounds.  We will also sell these as split sides (175 – 200 pounds) if you prefer a smaller quantity.  Each order is custom cut and wrapped for your size family.



Here is a list of the cuts you will receive with a side of beef:


Prime rib steaks and Roasts

T-Bone steaks

Porterhouse steaks

Top Sirloin steaks

Tenderloin steaks

Top Round steaks

Bottom Round cube steaks

Chuck steaks

Round bone pot roasts

Chuck pot roasts

Sirloin pot roasts

Rump roasts

Stew beef

Kalbi marinated short ribs

Lean ground beef

Bones for soup or dogs

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